Xsite is a full-service commercial real estate firm that has led the industry in the Midwest for three generations. Our team takes your real estate business from concept, to reality, to success. We use data to place developments in their ideal location. Our formula collects inputs from GIS, movement planning, demographics, zoning, and 3rd party data - all combined with decades of experience to create powerful insights. Xsite provides confidence, strategy and execution to help our clients make the best investments for their businesses.


Who We've worked with


  • Analyzing Markets for Specific Sites
  • Buying Land and Developing Properties
  • Planning New Shopping Centers
  • Marketing Services for New & Existing Properties


Xsite was founded in 1998 by our CEO, Bill Paul, a 3rd generation real estate developer with decades of experience at industry-leading Chicagoland firms. We take our name from the saying “X Marks the Spot” because we utilize market-leading GIS data technology to help our clients pinpoint the optimal location for their businesses. We combine technology and data with proven real estate strategies that we have honed over the past three decades.

We first found our winning formula working with Gamestop. We took them from their first store to develop 30+ locations across the United States. Today, they are a Fortune 500 company with over 600+ stores nation-wide. Over the years, Xsite has expanded to work with companies like Red Mango, GNC, Taco Bell, Great Clips, H&R Block and numerous other national brands. While we have a diverse portfolio, our approach has always been the same - use data to predict the fastest path to scale. Contact us to get started on your next project.